Fleet Management

Running any business is not easy and anybody involved with the running of vehicles within a business will know the problems associated with looking after them. Buying, Financing, disposing of and repairing vehicles all take time. Add to that the responsibility for company image, customer service and possible corporate manslaughter implications and the job becomes even more vital to the success of the business.

At Ryan we have worked with many companies over the years developing bespoke packages for them to help with all aspects of running company vehicles. Some of the solutions we have delivered are as follows

1. Creating company fleet policy ensuring they have the right vehicles at the right price to do the job

  1. Create a company handbook for drivers ensuring drivers know what to do at all times to keep the vehicles roadworthy and free of damage increasing resale values and reducing running costs
  2. Creating a policy and environment that ensures directors have fulfilled their obligations for corporate responsibility.
  3. Provided accident management facilities which have reduced insurance claims and premiums
  4. Provide hire vehicles as required to keep all staff on the road

The above are just some of the solutions available and there are many other services we can offer. The main difference with dealing with Ryan is that we listen to what you want and provide solutions that save you money and make running your business easier.

Vehicle Storage 

Vehicles that are not being used are a nuisance for all businesses. Ryan can offer the facility for customers to park unused vehicles safely until they are needed. We can collect vehicles, service and clean them and even arrange onward delivery.

For vehicles that are left with us at the end of lease, we can refurbish them or arrange their sale.

Whatever your requirements please contact us on 01403 711370 .

Vehicle Delivery 

Ryan can arrange to deliver customer cars throughout the UK. This service was developed and improved on after analysing how poor some other car delivery companies were. Cars were delivered late and customers were unable to plan their workload due to not knowing an exact time of delivery.

Ryan employs its own drivers who can deliver cars at our customers convenience throughout  the UK. We can also move cars for our customers from one location to another and can arrange for them to be cleaned and serviced at the same time. We can even arrange for a temporary hire car if needed.

For a quotation or to discuss more specific requirements please call us on 01403 711370.