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Over the last 20 years of trading Ryan has developed the services it offers to its customers so we are able to help, whatever the circumstances.

Not all of our customers however realise how much we are able to offer and so, understandably utilise only some of our services

The RCC is our way of helping all our customers with their vehicle needs – but with a unique twist. It has been designed to allow our customers to be more forward thinking while taking the pain out of running vehicles. Each business has a DUTY OF CARE to make sure each of its vehicles are safe to use. Being part of the Canter Club gives you that. It gives each of our members – no matter how big or small – access to all of the services we offer and to take advantage of trade prices or discounts wherever possible. The time and worry associated with running cars and vans is the same whether you have 1 or 21 but the more you have, the more opportunity you have to save money, by taking advantage of our industry knowledge and buying power.

The more time you spend worrying about your vehicles, the less time you can spend making your business successful. We also realise that with the time and money you save you will have more time to enjoy yourselves or develop your business, which is where the twist comes in!

The Services We Offer

  • Vehicle Maintenance – MOT’s, Services, repairs

Everything undertaken at your convenience at the best possible cost

  • Invoices checked

Ensuring you pay for only what is needed and maximise your warranty

  • Bodywork and Repairs

Ensuring the most speedy and efficient repair via insurance or trade prices

  • Maintenance Plans

Allowing you to budget and spread cost of repairs

  • Accident Management

Allowing you to claim from third parties and protect your no claims bonus

  • Hire Car

We can have a car/van to you within two hours

  • Driver Handbooks  

Ensuring you fulfil your corporate responsibility

  • New/Used Vehicle Supply

Access to wholesale prices to buy cars and vans

  • Competitive Contract Hire and Leasing rates

Finding the best deals available in the market place with no gimmicks

  • Finance Options

Allowing you to finance a vehicle in the way that suits you best

  • Vehicle Movements

We can collect/deliver to anywhere in the UK saving you time and money

  • Vehicle Storage

If your vehicles are not being used, they can be kept safe and secure

  • Unique Rent to buy scheme

Short term commitment with no credit checks

  • Vehicle Insurance

Taking advantage of the benefit of managing your vehicles properly

  • Part Exchange

We can help dispose of your current vehicle.

  • Vehicle Check Sheets

Allowing you to perform checks on your vehicles

One Point Of Contact

With people who you can talk to and will deal with your problems

The pricing structure is very simple and straight forward. For each of the below we will look after your vehicles giving you access to all of the services above.

Individual             £12 a month

0-5 vehicles          £50 a month
6-10 vehicles        £100 a month
11-20 vehicles      £250 a month
21+ vehicles         £500 a month

However, those who know us already will know it isn’t always about business…

The RCC will hold events throughout the year allowing our members to benefit from our sponsorship arrangements. There will be opportunities to network with other members or host events of your own all in the time you will save from being a member of the RCC.

  • Race Days
  • Sponsorship opportunities at sporting venues.
  • An Invitation to our annual charity golf day which is held in September on behalf of Rocking Horse, a children’s charity we have worked closely with for years.
  • Access to tickets at London’s 02 Arena. 
  • Discounted rates on our 9-seat minibus.
  • Access to the Canter Club car whilst any maintenance or bodywork is being done on your own vehicle.
  • Meet and Greet Service.

Maintenance Plan

We have also created our own maintenance plan. The purpose of this is to allow our customers to spread the cost of maintenance over a 12-month period. Quite often companies get stung with large bills and the maintenance plan allows you to spread that cost.

For example,

You choose to pay £50 a month over a 12-month period, that totals to £600 worth of maintenance over the year.

You have to service the vehicle and repairs and new tyres throughout the year totalling £700.

Ryan can invoice you for £100 or you can roll up to £200 over to next year’s budget.

What makes it different to your normal maintenance contracts is that what you don’t spend, we can return to you.

It could also give you accounting benefits which we are happy to discuss. We can also discuss the possible VAT benefits.

How much you want to put into the plan is entirely up to you. The age of the vehicle and what you use it for will give you an idea of what you expect to spend every year. We suggest the following guidelines from our experience.

If the vehicle is 0-3 years old or you do up to 10,000 miles a year – £25 a month.

If the vehicle is 3-5 years old or you do up to 20,000 miles a year – £50 a month.

If the vehicle is 5+ years old or you do more than 20,000 miles a year – £75 a month.

To find out more about Ryan Canter Club please call 01403 711370 or contact us here.